The company Cladx was born of a happy Burgundy, Alan, who, by its nature, was attracted by the computer tool and all its possibilities. Self-taught, he trained himself alone and continues to do it every day with his determination by working as cleanly as possible and continually looking for new, more advanced codes.

On his own since 2001 under the name of Cladx he has since become known through various referencing competitions as well as for the management of some large accounts in the world of adults and in the world. His company operates on a self-sufficient economic model with a team of 20 people, a network of self-entrepreneurs in France and abroad.

Cladx proposes to offer a complete and personalized work on almost every aspect of a website. He proposes to accompany all the stages which will lead the company to the international opening, that it is at the level of the choice of the domain name, its purchase, its hosting and its referencing. Specialist in security, SEO, speed and simplicity of administration, the client site will be assured of a fruitful life visible prominently in the search engines.

Cladx masters various languages ​​such as PHP5, MySql, Ajax, HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript in addition to very well handle various CMS including Spip, WordPress, Prestashop, Magento or Os Commerce.

Being fully aware that everyone is far from mastering the computer tool and all its subtlety, it is important to simplify the use of your site and the experience of the back office user. Whether for everyday use or for updates, it tries to make each back office very easy to use and intuitive enough for the client not to be lost on his own management tool.

Whether it’s simple websites such as directory, e-commerce, search engine, news site, RSS feed aggregator, portal or an intranet interface running on private server … it is possible to carry out all the projects.
Reference and SEO Contest

1st most influential SEO expert on French social networks in June 2015.

3rd in the SEO SEO Contest October, 2012 Sentimencho.

SEO competition 100% WH. The domain name obtained a pr7 in 45 days of existence. Big Buzz.

2nd as “stork eater” (2004).

Treasurer of the SeoCamp SEO Association since May 2015