Investoweb offers a range of expertise to improve the traffic of your website, merchant or showcase in order to increase your turnover.

Our expertises :

  • Needs analysis and keyword definitions

    You know your products, we know how to highlight them. During a first appointment, we will analyze your needs and define together the Webmarketing strategy to adopt on the site. From this first appointment, we will set up a list of priority keywords and a list of non-priority keywords.

  • Site Audit

    We will then review your site and provide you with a list of things to improve in order to optimize SEO. Using a variety of audience measurement tools, we will look at what structural improvements (Site Speed, Domain Name, Permalink, Trees and URLs, User Experience, Robot Reading Optimization) and semantics ( Hierarchical markup, Occurrence of keywords).

  • Optimization Onsite : Optimization Structure and content

    You are at your disposal, following the audit of the site provided, to optimize your site. For example, with your webmaster or service provider, you are able to make corrections, redirecting pages or articles to rewrite your content to place your keywords, passing through the hierarchy and ‘Optimization of your content (reorganization of your tags)

  • Optimization Offsite (Backlinks)

    Once the three previous steps have been completed, we will be able to start creating a network of sites related to your site and your site, on which you will order and publish, via our managers (Formula CP) or via your internal agent Company in white label (Formula Agency) quality content and links that will point to your site from sites of the same nature.

  • Writing of unique and quality content.

    We provide you with quality and specialized editors to help you create unique, high-quality content to be published on our satellite sites. The editors are accessible and available via our platform. Statistics (editing time, number of editorial work in progress) as well as the working language are visible from the editors interface.

  • Live Ranking and Detailed Reports

    Throughout the mission, you will be able to access the ranking of your site via our platform. You can follow the positioning of your site directly, follow the progress of the mission, have a detailed report of all the contents posted on the sites of our network. You can also follow our blog and follow updates from Google and other search engines. You can also download the report in CSV in a single click

  • Live Chat on our platform and on your sites

    Thanks to our live chat service ready to install on your e-commerce site, we offer you to transform your prospects into customers, to accompany and to satisfy your customers, to retain your customers, to detect the new needs, to reach your Sales objectives, proposing innovative strategies, enhancing your business. The live chat service is also activated on our platform to guide you if needed.

  • Watch and e-reputation via our brand SOS-reputatio

    We try to enforce the principle of right to forget, we build for you a positive reputation by going back to the first page of Google positive elements and diluting on page 2 and more if affinity the negative elements. We also address the e-reputation of a brand, a company but also a personality (political, vip or executives).